Staycation 2015

Almost in the middle of June. It’s the first year that I haven’t made any solid staycation plans, since the summer of 2015 is the moving around & forward summer, with a zillion ideas to be organised and projects to either start or wrap up. (sense the But?)


1. There is so much going on this summer that just cannot be missed!
The 30GoalsChallenge Conference is coming July 16th-20th and Vicky Papageorgiou has put together an excellent selection of MOOCs and webinars in her recent postJust what we need for our Summer Professional Development. Something new is always brewing, so I guess I’ll be writing more here!

2. Greece is The place for Summer Festivals; Eventful keeps me informed and there’s quite a lot to do this year as well. Difficult to choose from such a variety of events!

3. I owe a staycation to myself and won’t miss it. Ok, it might be less than a week, it may have to be moved towards the end of August, but I’m having it. The only plan I have made is to be by the sea for however many days possible (I think big but plan small. It’s worked so far).

There will be updates. Right under the picture of where I plan/hope/will manage to be:



Update 😀

I keep busy every summer, but this year is even more productive, full of sharing and learning in global educational communities!

I’m giving a keynote on the first #30GoalsEDU E-conference, discussing the journey of challenging myself and students. That’s on Monday, July 20th, at 1pmET/6pmUK. I’ve got a lovely banner for it too!(click on the banner for the link to the presentation)
I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, everything is being recorded so you can watch anytime.

Christina C








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