“mymathima” is a blog that follows the life of an English teacher; not in a freaky, stalker-kind-of way, but attempting to go through her life in and out of the classroom, her favourite books and materials, her ideas and advice on the most difficult and most rewarding profession in the world: teaching.

Feel free to contact her at any time for questions, assistance, comments or suggestions; she’s Greek and therefore always hospitable, helpful and constantly available for hard work that matters.

** The images within mymathima are under Creative Commons Attribution, except where noted otherwise. Feel free to use them accordingly and please attribute to ChristinaC.

4 comments on “About

  1. IMLIL says:

    Hi, How are you?
    thank you for stopping by my Blog! i have just taken a look at your blog and it’s just AMAZING!
    keep your thoughts coming, i am following you!
    Best regards,

  2. penelope says:

    Congratulations!the work you’ve been doing is stunningly amazing and of great help to the rest of us!thank you for sharing!keep working like this, we need your inspirational vibes!

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