The #Moving Philosophy – attend a Convention with a friend and…

This is a really special post, a treat to my great friend Theodora Papapanagiotou, for being such an inspiration ever since we first connected online – well, we got the treat actually, by taking part in an excellent workshop!

#KeepOnMoving was simply amazing. Yes, we worried about the weather, the attendance and all sorts of little things, but in the end we were rewarded. It’s an incredibly inspirational moment when you see your colleagues developing further and you get the chance to be part of it.

Dora, Nikos and Penelope got even me moving! Being the least involved in any sort of physical activity out of all the attendees (I walk miles, but that doesn’t count, apparently), it was a challenge. And I loved every part of it.
A handful of ideas to use with our learners, a clear and precise explanation on the why and how movement assists learning and laughter; learning and having fun, my absolute favourite!

Big thanks to Nikos Maragkos and Penelope Tourtourea for their amazing work and of course Dora for putting up with me, generally!

And one more treat: Preparing for the Workshop!




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Having fun with Stative Verbs – worksheet

A quick and fun activity for stative verbs I created with one of my B1+ classes (at Globe Language Centre) after finishing the first unit of our coursebook (Close Up) We cut out the words and start by putting the verbs under the correct headline.  Students then come up with examples for each verb.


This game is also wonderful in the way it has inspired students of different levels: -Our “TheArtofEnglish” workgroup (with students at levels A2 through B2) has turned it into a magnetic board game! -Our “PeerLearning” workgroup ( students at B2,C1 and C2 levels) are currently brainstorming on how to turn it into a mobile app! As always, everyone is welcome to try it out and send me feedback.