How much can we take? How far can we go, before we decide we have reached our limits? Before we say ‘there is no point in anything’? Being a stubborn optimist becomes harder as days greet me. Like today. Waking up to the horror of news, walking troubled steps and standing numb outside a classroom. It took me four breaths to open that door. I didn’t want the routine of the lesson, creative as they might be, nor the break from it, in light of the attacks in Paris. But I opened the door and walked in.

Two different groups came and left. A decidedly no-coursebooks day. And I now stand determined on three new ‘wants’:

  1. I want an eleven-year-old’s clarity of thought.


2. I want a fifteen-year-old’s passion and vision.

I am me


3. I want to keep opening that door, for as long as I stand.

A glimpse in today’s lessons at my local community school, a place I love for its vibes, its teachings and its lack of formality. There are no contracts signed, only common thoughts and goals. It is a place where #One is special, both as a word and a notion. My feeling, though, is that it would have been the same in any other classroom, in any other learning environment.

We can go far; further than we can grasp at any given moment. People, ideals, fear and despair are all #One. So is Faith. And Hope.

Educators are blessed in experience.