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Having fun with Stative Verbs – worksheet

A quick and fun activity for stative verbs I created with one of my B1+ classes (at Globe Language Centre) after finishing the first unit of our coursebook (Close Up) We cut out the words and start by putting the verbs under the correct headline.  Students then come up with examples for each verb.


This game is also wonderful in the way it has inspired students of different levels: -Our “TheArtofEnglish” workgroup (with students at levels A2 through B2) has turned it into a magnetic board game! -Our “PeerLearning” workgroup ( students at B2,C1 and C2 levels) are currently brainstorming on how to turn it into a mobile app! As always, everyone is welcome to try it out and send me feedback. 

A very nice selection of activities – I love the idea of “Designing our own bug” for young learners, it would go really well in class.


Two articles of mine on the topic plus worksheets, flashcards, songs, online games and stories together for the first time here:

Animals teaching ideas and materials

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Thoughts and Ramblings: #ELTchat Summary, 2nd session, 20th February 2013 Techniques and Tips for teaching large classes

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ChristinaC‘s insight:

Thank you for this summary, as I wasn’t able to follow the chat!

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What Students And Parents Think About Mobile Technology – Edudemic

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It’s hard to gauge how students and parents feel about any one topic. When it comes to the influx of mobile technology, the question is even harder.

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Braggadocious? Never. Just excited about the Oxford Dictionaries February 2013 update!

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?Having a mare of a week? With hump day over, the weekend is in sight and it?s time to start thinking about getting blootered on appletinis! Or do you pr

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OECD educationtoday: Getting the best start

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