Staycation 2014


Getting ready for a full summer!

Getting ready for a full summer!


Staycation time!

Quite different from what I usually do, mainly because the wonders of online communities had already started to unfold since June. I think a lot of things are finally in place now and I can more or less safely take further steps in my development.

For a change, I won’t go on a day-to-day description, I’ll just share with you the highlights of my summer in the melting hot, but lovely and quiet as ever, capital of Greece.


MOOCers Unlimited

After the impressive Teachers Teaching Online MOOC, where numerous new relationships shaped into form and are ongoing, came the mind-poking iTDi Summer School. I urge you to enroll now and make the most of the super charged PD exploration it will offer you. Yes, live sessions are over, but the recordings are always available and the discussion never stops. While you’re at it, create an account on, if you haven’t already – seriously the best career and personal move you’ll ever make…
Here’s only a small taste:


Thrills, Love and Presentations

Yes, strike that off the list…my first ever presentation online is a fact. No words on the slides, they’re in my head; and yours.


The Crafty Gal

I can never get enough of crafts. This summer was dedicated to candle-making and even though it was admittedly too hot for such endeavors, I’m proud to say I pulled through both the DekaTessera workshops. The ice cubes helped.

Making molds is  no easy task. You have to take temperature, material and time-frames into account and somehow manage to merge all these into your original idea. I tried. And here it is:

The IceCube Candle

The Game goes on

I started playing Myst: Riven and was determined I would do it for me this time; no lesson planning, no project ideas popping up, play for the sake of me. But then again, you simply cannot escape yourself (haven’t I said that before?). Half the game is now prepped for class use and I’m looking around for its construction and modding sets. This happens to me all the time and drastic measures need to be taken. Any ideas?

Well, a full summer, filled with new challenges, new ideas to explore, new friends and renewed love for learning.
Cheers to the year ahead!

Let’s close this with my new-found love: Agathe & Fine covering Tom Waits 


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