The lucky pig

The first post of 2014!
Last time I blogged was on Christmas Eve for #Eleven Random Facts, tagged by Theodora Papapanagiotou, and her question on lucky items or traditions was somehow glued to my head; probably because it made me realise how eager I was to get my lucky charm for the new year, lovingly handcrafted by my mother. I had been sneaking in the workshop all through the holiday season, but she had it well hidden and made me fear that maybe I wasn’t getting one this time and everything would go wrong.
Touch wood, I’m not superstitious…

But New Year’s Eve came and there it was, wrapped in its shiny sachet, under our festive boat. My new little…pig.


I hope this little one will assist me all through 2014 to get where I should be – even though I’m not certain as to where that is yet. I hope it will provide some good fortune in fulfilling goals, facing new challenges and acquiring new knowledge.
For the Chinese, the pig is a symbol of honesty, tolerance, initiative and diligence and I’ve been told Schwein gehabt means Good luck is at hand. In any case, I’ll rephrase the quote attributed to Niels Bohr and say that a pig will bring you good luck whether you believe in it or not!  How can one argue with such logic?
I got the lucky coin from our vasilopita, so it’s already showing promise!