Fun with the English Alphabet!

Teaching the English alphabet is the first step and can sometimes be a difficult task …letters that don’t exist in the students’¬†native language or are pronounced differently can prove quite challenging.
Apart from using flashcards and interactive media (most coursebooks nowadays provide teachers with numerous activities on iwb) to introduce the alphabet to young students, why not try an all-time classic? A puzzle, of course!

For this activity, I chose “Giant Alphabet”, a beautifully illustrated floor puzzle*:


It should take you about 15 minutes to complete the activity with a group of 6-8 students. Make sure you’ve got enough space on the floor for everyone to sit around and keep the puzzle cover hidden. Divide students into groups and put all the puzzle pieces upside-down right next to the playing area.
Teams take turns to flip over one puzzle piece at a time and put it in the right place. The winning team is the one who put down the most pieces correctly.
You can make the game more challenging by awarding points for each correct answer and keeping the scores.
This puzzle is also great for review activities, look them up in the coming-up posts.

Try it out and I hope you enjoy!

(*if you’re based in Greece, you can also get this puzzle here)