The sofa-based #CPD plus the super summer plans

My, it’s been some time since my last post! Where did all this time go? I did a lot of teaching, thankfully, there was quite a substantial amount of studying for TKT , hours of G+Drive uploading, deleting & updating plus the Google Educator preparation…What now?

I have been busy with tons of stuff, which is good, but last week it suddenly hit me that summer had arrived, lessons would be scarce and I’d be spending a L O T of time at home. I started feeling empty and slightly annoyed. How did this happen? Where was the planning-freak side of me hiding? Then, I checked my calendar. What a relief!

Getting ready for a full summer!

Getting ready for a full summer!

I have a very special place reserved for the most challenging, thought provoking and educational period of the year : once again, the far left side of my sofa (I’ve been told, accused almost, that I sound like Sheldon when I say this. Contrary to expectations, I’m proud of such comparison!).
Here are the plans for this summer that fill me with joy and anticipation:

The Cambridge English Teacher webinar series : kicked it off two days ago, with a webinar on Blended Learning and their online course on Language Awareness. More to come!

The Teachers Teaching Online MOOC on WizIQ: I’m so excited for this, it will be my first time on a MOOC and I know it will be amazing. (by the way, I came across MOOC List the other day, why hadn’t I discovered it until now?)

RSCON 2014: I don’t think this requires any explanation. Be there.

Tutorizon:  LiftUp event on June 14th (”Mind Re-engineering”, very curious about it) and lots of networking throughout the summer. Thrilled!

DekaTessera Workshop: Two weeks dedicated to candle crafting; this time, making candles with ice cubes. Huh? I really can’t wait for this!

But, same as every summer, I’ll be having my staycation at the beginning of August; and I’d like all the wonderful people in my PLN to make some suggestions! Here’s what I did last summer: Staycation 2013. Any ideas on what I could do during my holidays? Leave a comment!

P.S. A lot of blogging is also imminent. It seems it’s the first time my drafts outnumber my posts! 

Summer, here we come!