The steps that take us forward: Pecha Kucha with iTDi

It was, I think, a bit more than a week ago when I got a message from Chuck Sandy on Facebook, asking me to take part in the iTDiMooc  Pecha Kucha…and, being me, it took a whole day to say Yes! Not because I didn’t want to, not because I wasn’t immensely honoured and thrilled to be asked, but simply because I hadn’t done it before; the presenting part, the pecha kucha part, all of it. My tech equipment wouldn’t help either – BUT: there’s always a helping hand (or laptop) if you really must do something! My deus ex machina beamed down and so I said ”count me in”.


Today, we did it. And I can’t even begin to describe it! Incredible, powerful, exciting, I could fill pages with adjectives!
I don’t know how I did. It felt great, but it’s up to the world to decide if it actually was great.

But to see all those wonderful people getting together, sharing thoughts, ideas, their love for what they do, their worlds really made me fly and I don’t know why I haven’t tried that before.

And the connection with all taking part was instant, instinctive; if only you were there on those Facebook chat threads! Cultures mixing together so effortlessly, with such patience and love, that I was left with the sweetest taste.

I guess I have to admit I’m lucky (and that’s coming from a girl who never believed in luck and coincidence).

Thank you iTDi.
Thank you Chuck Sandy, our pure poetry in motion.
Thank you Jason R. Levine, the rock-star next door (almost!).
Thank you Theodora Papapanagiotou, simply the best colleague anyone could ask for.
And thank you fellow travelers, my heroes:
Ayat Tawel
Basma Shaheen
Matthew Noble
Queralt Comellas Angeles 
Svetlana Kandybovich
Cherifa Ghomrasni