Learning doesn’t begin at school and certainly doesn’t end there…that I think we all know.
How important is it though to start learning a second language before you go to school? Extremely important in my opinion. Children learn faster and better when they’re between 3 and 5 years of age and that’s what makes primary education so essential. Apart from acquiring basic social and learning skills, young children do great at foreign languages as well. Giving them the opportunity to experience another language at an early stage definitely gives them an advantage for the future.
Students who have begun learning English while at primary school advance to higher levels of learning with less effort and more enthusiasm.

Many foreign language schools and teachers provide excellent courses designed specifically for primary levels and choosing the appropriate one shouldn’t be difficult. Just a tip: at primary levels it’s best for children to be part of a class. Private tutoring could be chosen later on, as what’s really important at such a young age is to gradually introduce children to the context of a foreign language while boosting their social skills.
Keep in mind that primary levels are all about being interactive and lively. Games, songs and of course interactive boards are the teachers’ and students’ best friends, along with the chosen coursebooks.

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One comment on “Primary

  1. IMLIL says:

    well sighted,Primary school is even too late!

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