Crafts & Learning

Doing crafts is a unique and very true sense of being. It means to put your understanding, your feelings, your ideas and discoveries into a whole new ‘something’; something that is new and imperfect, as most beautiful things are. It means to tell stories without words, to talk with your hands. It is an image, a part of you that everyone can touch. Crafting also teaches you stories, teaches you people. It is a reminder that you are human and you are here to create.
Learning happens better when all of you is ‘there’, it is a whole body experience. And crafts are a powerful educational tool that involves, and in a way demands, all of what we are and know. Using crafts to learn brings creativity to the forefront, entertains, gives ground to the development of skills, concepts and processes. In language learning, creating something means so much more than just crafting a paper plane or drawing a picture, for example. The plane or the picture and the one who created them are present, they are a story waiting to be seen, told, heard and felt. A story to be shared.
Through both simple and complex craft activities you can help students improve literacy skills, enhance confidence and decision-making, explore and use their imagination and, above all, help them have an engaging and positive attitude towards learning.

I’ll be updating with related posts further down the page, but first, a small taste:
Here are some of the activities my students, younger and older, and I have been doing over the years


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