Only good and forward

2015 came to an end and what a year it was. Full of learning and meeting people, full of hardship and sorrow, so full of single moments making it all worthwhile. It had been two months since the last post on this blog before the end of the year and though I had been writing traditionally, in my silence and on my paper, it seemed better to keep that writing to myself. You see the blog is all about bouncing thoughts, but not negative ones. I won’t allow them. I decided to let the time pass and bring goodness back and, not surprisingly, I’m already on that track. Stubbornly positive me.fb146373008214a6504c4270a5e7a2ef

Instead of lingering on things passed, which are nevertheless kept and worked upon inside, let the first post of 2016 be about now and the hope for tomorrow.

The here and now

  • Still on my holiday break, the perfect opportunity to prepare for when lessons begin in about ten days. Most of the classes and students I’ve taught for years have reached the end of our journey together, but the new year has come with a great gift: new journeys are due, with teens and, after some time for me, young learners. I simply cannot wait!
  • Still (and always) a language learner. Last time I checked, I’d left my Turkish at B1 and hadn’t taken up Arabic yet. Time to move forward.
  • Back to translations. It was only when I submitted a sample that I realised how much I love and miss this challenge.
  • More writing is also due. Here and elsewhere. I don’t see myself as any sort of expert nor a writer, it’s just that writing has over the years become supplementary to breathing. And as most things matter when they are shared, I have said one or two yes’s to writing outside my silent notebooks and my vibrant classrooms.

What tomorrow holds

  • Two projects that I’ve been working on, almost sleeping and waking on actually, are soon to materialise. It means hard work, travelling and some wonderful people stand at my doorstep. More on that in the near future 🙂
  • Gaming has always been part of my life and a solid building block in the connection with my learners. I suppose coding was only natural to come along too. As a hands-on learner, and quite a hands-on teacher to be honest, my understanding of things is shaped by action. And as I thrive while jumping in deep waters, the idea of building a website from scratch stuck to my head and then my hands followed. Learning as I go along the idea and soon to publish, it seems I made just the right choice.
  • Conventions are coming up and I’m really looking forward to them, hopefully present at them and get the chance to see friends and make some new as well.


In making the choice to see and share the positive things I’m blessed with, I’ll have only one last look at something from the year that ended; someone I loved dearly, and lost abruptly in September, had given me a piece of advice some years back. Another dearly loved someone reminded it to me just this morning. In praise of all things simple, here goes: ‘Always look Up.’ And that’s my single New Year’s resolution, with all the thousands of small and big goals it carries.


2 thoughts on “Only good and forward

  1. Best wishes for a Great Year!! I wish you to have a full, satisfying, enjoyable (hopefuly not too exhausting) year filled with Greatness. May you live the ups and downs, take risks, take initiative and taste the satisfaction and success. Should you take a wrong turn, it just shows that you have to go back a step and take the other way, so it’s a positive thing, really, because you’ll know the right path. Aaaannd it’s exciting to see you getting ready for so many projects. I didn’t know you also wrote, translated, and learned languages yourself, it seems we have more things in common than I thought 😉

    1. Thank you so much and wish you the same a thousand times over! I think I’ve turned taking wrong steps and then getting back on track into an art- it’s all about learning, isn’t it? And how nice to know we share interests, a great thing to stumble upon commonality! Have an amazing 2016!

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