Learn Outside the Classroom #30GoalsEDU

For a change, let’s talk of something that we have done, not something that we plan to do ๐Ÿ™‚

This is us:


I have talked and blogged about our learning adventures together several times. Nick has been the student every teacher needs to have in their class and life. The student who from day one had made clear that ‘books don’t work’, that ‘school is classmates and not teachers’ and that ‘if it isn’t fun, I’m not doing it’. The ultimate challenge learner.ย Naturally, we took learning outside, to the place where everything happens at once and you can only cope if you’re up for it. The place where books are digital, compact and highly visual, where writing starts from single words and hashtags, where language comes forward because we need it to do so. For Nick, photography is his love and dancing is his breath, so that was what we worked on.

Our first step was to become tourists in our Athens (something I regularly do during my staycations, but this was the first time in student company). We role-played; we hopped on and off buses, we chatted with everyone, we explored what we knew and what we could discover. Each step was a photo, and each photo became a story. Language practice; effortlessly, because we needed to communicate our knowledge and feelings.

Dance came next. What does that have to do with language learning? How can it help you prepare for an exam? According to Nick, if you enjoy it, it will work. And judging by the experience and results, I have to agree. From dancing at home, then in the street, to a dance school and music videos, our learning took shape from within. I’m not much of a dancer, but Nick’s enthusiasm got me moving. His Tumblr posts are a must to many, including myself. He touches you because he loves what he does.


Only two days ago we got his results; a High Pass on his C2 Certificate. An achievement owed to him doing what he wanted to do, have fun. We haven’t danced to celebrate it yet, but we will ๐Ÿ™‚ And make sure someone can capture the moment!


2 thoughts on “Learn Outside the Classroom #30GoalsEDU

  1. My first thoughts on the new school year were: “this sucks”, “the first lesson was a flop”, “I already hate my students”, and “why did I ever became a teacher?” My brain got so loaded with … worries, criticism, failure, anger, self-pity, incompetence, that a certain area started to actually hurt. XD;

    BUT the next day I found a stubbornly positive teacher’s blog and it saved me. I regained my will to teach, got motivated, even excited about it. I’m actually looking forward to classes now. I was able to remember why I enjoy teaching. THANK YOU, Christina C!

    And congratulations for the sucess!!

    1. Now this is a comment I didn’t expect I would get…I mean, my blog came to be so that I would keep motivated and reflect on my teaching…Veniachan thank you for such an uplifting, thoughtful and eye-opening message! Keep being excited, keep looking forward to the single moments and collective rewards of teaching and learning, keep going forward ๐Ÿ˜‰

      PS: ”A stubbornly positive teacher-person” – should be my epitaph ๐Ÿ˜€

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