#30GoalsEDU Conference – Connect & move ahead!

When I first got the invitation from Shelly Terrell to give a keynote at the conference, I debated. Do I have something to say really? Is there time? It didn’t take long to answer those questions, it was a yes all the way. And I knew that it had to be students’ work that I should share.

What the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators has done for me is hard to put in words. It isn’t only the challenges we take – which I love for the ground for mistakes they give me. Not only the opportunity to learn at each step. It is the culture of connectivity that means the most; so many amazing presentations, such great ideas and advice to take in and follow. All from friends around the globe.

Just as a very small sample, here’s some of my favorites:


People that I have come to love for who they are and what they offer education were present at the conference, either behind the scenes or at the front. I can’t thank them enough for sharing with us all!

Visit the #30GoalsEDU Conference page to get an idea of what happens when you bring educators together. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Here’s a link to my own presentation on the final day:

To close the briefest, probably, post on this blog, it’s time to immensely thank Shelly Terrell for all she has done and keeps doing and also thank everyone who made this happen by being there with us.

Here’s the padlet to share our reflections 😉

Achievement? Well, yes.


5 comments on “#30GoalsEDU Conference – Connect & move ahead!

  1. mariabossa says:

    Hi! Awesome!!! Thanks for having shared your reflections! I loved them! Smiles from Argentina, Maria 🙂

  2. Hana Tichá says:

    Amazing presentation, Christina. Hats off to what you’re doing with your students. It’s great for me to finally hear the people whose written word I’ve been following for some time. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing this presentation with the online world.

    • ChristinaC says:

      Hana thank you so much. It’s only a step, difficult only until you take it. What students do, whether younger or older, needs to be shared, they shape the future. I’m proud to walk along them.
      I can’t wait to hear and see more of your work too 🙂

  3. I enjoyed every minute of it!! Looking forward for your next preso!!!

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