#30GoalsEDU – Be someone’s champion

A goal that I’m so happy to have seen and taken time to work my way through…

Anastasia and I met online a bit less that a year ago, through the iTDi MOOC on WiZIQ last August, and ever since there have been so many wonderful connecting moments, chats, collaboration, exchange of ideas and practices.

I don’t know where to begin, honestly…an amazing colleague, an inspiring and resourceful educator, the mum to an angel – who just happens to destroy headphones!- someone I admire immensely for her patience and persistence to do her best, and so much more, in a state school (and big thanks to her school principal for equal persistence and understanding) .

Our work is so different in context but so similar in the roots of it all. She lives and works in Amaliada and blogs here  about all the great things she does for and with her students.

Enough from me.

Here are her insights, her vision, relate and feel inspired! It’s what true champions are made of.


2 comments on “#30GoalsEDU – Be someone’s champion

  1. Anastasia Pistopoulou says:

    It’s always very touching to hear such kind words by a colleague you appreciate! Once again, thank you!

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