#TESOLMacedonia-Thrace 22nd Convention – Highlights & Treats

That time of the year again, when you finally get to see everything you’ve been mentally preparing for, months in advance! After an amazing experience at the 36th TESOLGreece Convention, even though my participation was shorter than I had hoped as I was working that weekend as well, came the time to pack the bags and head off to Thessaloniki. I’ll admit I was really looking forward to some quiet time while there, but as the TESOL Macedonia Thrace Board had honoured me with the proposal to be one of the roving reporters (one of the many yes’s I’ve said and will never regret), ‘quiet time’ just didn’t happen. I got excitement, inspiring discussions, meetings with wonderful people and fun instead.You just have to love the feeling of community in Thessaloniki, that sense of belonging somewhere no matter who you are or where you’re from, which was even more evident throughout the Convention.

Brilliant workshops and plenaries by Marjorie Rosenberg, Ken Wilson, Alec Williams and Andrew Wright and, I have to say, being mentioned in Marjorie Rosenberg’s plenary is no small thing, so a huge thank you Marjorie!
So many excellent sessions and workshops by amazing colleagues, and I have to highlight Danny Singh with his multi-sensory lessons, Vassiliki Mandalou with her truly inspirational session on philosophy and literature and Dagmara Mathes-Sobocinska with her brilliant work on gamification.

And my dear Theodora Papapanagiotou, who gets an extra special treat for being an inspiring colleague, an amazing educator and a wonderful friend (oh yes, special ‘moving’ post coming up!).

A big thank you to the presenters who sacrificed some of their lunch break to be interviewed (!), you were all wonderful and I’m so happy to have met you, and Lana Lemeshko for being a rocking roving reporter along with Theodora and myself!

What more can I say TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, except  ‘thank you’?


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