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Where is this going? The blog, I mean. Does it have to go anywhere even? I started blogging three years ago, not because I had anything important to say, but because it seemed like the best way to share thoughts and invite more thoughts to bounce along my own. There could be a better idea out there, a stronger word. It was also a way of organizing my chaotic brain.

In terms of bouncing, it’s worked 100%. I’ve had inspiring and empowering ideas to add to my own and I’m so grateful for all contributions and feedback. I’ve been asked interesting questions, like ‘why don’t you write in Greek?’ or ‘how do you decide what to write?’. Um, I don’t know and I don’t know. Some things come naturally and I prefer it that way. Other things are planned and they’re fine too.
Organizing is a different story. It’s been impossible to keep typed thoughts in order; pencils seem to rule that domain, and pens on and off. Different notebooks for the several different things I’ve found myself doing, which might sound like it’s making the chaos worse but it isn’t. There are quite a lot of coloured pens and pencils and endless rows of sticky notes as well. It works. And makes the blogging easier, actually.

So where do we go from here? To the two thoughts that led to the two new sections of the blog.

The first is the result of bouncing happily online, from a random comment to a new idea and story.
Stories are as significant and versatile as each and every one of their readers. It’s not about somebody writing a piece or two, it’s more about the ones who sit and go through those pieces. They might find something new in there, or perhaps something old. They might find themselves, or someone they know, or even meet someone entirely new. But they will discover. Something is always twirling in your mind and there’s a unique kind of joy when someone sees it, grabs one end and starts pulling it out. That’s what Sylvia Guinan did at some point, by inviting me to write a guest post for WiziQ. And so this whole thing came to be. Thank you Sylvia.Time to let those true tales breathe out in the open.


The second is simultaneously personal and professional. I’ve been a freelance teacher for over a year now. Had a lot of feedback, which can be summed up in those two statements: ‘you should have done this a long time ago’ and ‘ you’re crazy, you’re supposed to seek security’. Frankly, that’s exactly how it’s been in my head as well. Did I make the right choice? Does it work for me? Will (or can) I keep it up? So, a new series of posts on exactly that: the attempt to organise my thoughts on what it really is I’m doing. It might work.



4 comments on “Thoughts & New things on the Blog

  1. joannamalefaki says:

    Great post Christina!
    The double ”I don’t know” part made me smile!! I also totally agree on the freelance teaching part as well. I really enjoyed reading this : )

    • ChristinaC says:

      Thank you Joanna, glad you enjoyed it! I keep questioning every step of the full time freelancing me, as I do with most things. I’ve taught privately before of course, but not full time, so it’s been quite a ride this year.
      Looking forward to whatever comes out of my head and to precious comments like yours!

      • joannamalefaki says:

        I had a language school but had to shut down , so I am teaching freelance again. I, so much enjoy it more. Of course, there is not as ‘stable’ as being in the public sector or running your own business, but there are so many other benefits. So, you go girl!!

      • ChristinaC says:

        Totally agree, there are definitely many benefits in freelance teaching and they’ll get a nice mention somewhere in the posts to come. I’m sorry to hear you had to shut down your school, but how great is it to rediscover the joys of freelancing!? As for stability, it also depends on what it brings with it (hint: details in Freelancer Post 1).

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