#30GoalsEDU – Support a movement

The Greek saying ”shared joy is double joy, shared pain is half the pain” is to me an unshakable truth.
It’s so great to be given the opportunity to share the movements I’ve had the honour to be part of, or that have been introduced to me by colleagues so I could support those as well.

The 30GoalsChallenge for Educators, for the ideas, the constant inspiration and the connection to exceptional colleagues  it has brought into my world.

TESOL Greece and TESOL Macedonia-Thrace,  for their ongoing efforts to bring us only the best and their support to all teachers. Annual Conferences coming up and I can’t wait to meet up with everyone, again or for the first time in person!

The Disabled Access Friendly Campaign, for all their work and excellent material from contributors we can all use to raise awareness on what people with mobility disability face daily and where we as teachers can step in and make a difference.

TEFL Equity Advocates, because ‘discrimination’ should be erased from our vocabulary and for Marek Kiczkowiak‘s initiative and strength to keep this movement going.

iTDi, for being precisely ”for teachers, by teachers” and the continuous development opportunities and support it offers all educators. The iTDiBlog is simply a treasure.

Future Library, for the passion, the creativity and the constant efforts to make the library of the future a reality. The Hub is their, and our, unique social network.

YWCA Greece, for the wonderful women I’ve worked with over the years, our local, national and international projects and the continuous work in all communities to inform and empower women.





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