Student Challenge – Video Introductions

Inspired by 30 Goals Challenge for Educators and the first goal of Cycle 5, I asked students from various parts of Athens, to create their own presentations to introduce themselves to each other . I thought, be proactive , create tutorials and FAQs for them , anticipate their worries – as it turned out , the only one in need of tutorials and soothing words was … me .

A proud and somewhat painful moment in teaching is the realisation my students don’t really need my help ; I’ve had several of those moments since the beginning of this challenge ! ( Come to think of it , I should have written PROUD …)

Here are the videos :















3 comments on “Student Challenge – Video Introductions

  1. Shelly Sanchez Terrell says:

    Amazing work! I love these examples. Thank you for getting your students to complete goals. I pinned this to our 30 Goals pinterest. So proud of you!

    • ChristinaC says:

      Shelly if it hadn’t been for you and the 30 Goals, we wouldn’t have the chance to see what any student can accomplish, if only given the incentive and the right tools. I’m immensely proud to be part of this community!

  2. […] Last night in a twitter chat, #edtechchat, I learned about ProjectED which has contests for the most interesting video portrayal of a word/definition. Those wheels started turning and I was thinking of remediation techniques for Knight Time. This morning a tweet came across from a colleague about doing a 3-2-1 video/technology introduction-what a great way for my homeroom students who have been together for 2 years already to share what they did over the summer. And if their summer wasn’t exciting, they can simply tell us about themselves. What an awesome idea that came from looking at my Twitter feed and 3 short back and forths with a colleague I have never met. Check this link out: Student Challenge-Video Introductions. […]

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