My seven-day #staycation – 7 paths to explore

Do teachers really have holidays? I’m not so sure. Not that we don’t have a break every now and then, particularly in the summer, but somehow everything around us seems to spark thoughts on lesson plans, activities and projects even though we’re technically off work – or is it just me? In any case, as of today I am officially on holiday for seven whole days. Yay!

Galatsiou Av. in Athens, August 7, 2013, 18:25

Galatsiou Av. in Athens, August 7, 2013, 18:25

This time of the year is by far my favourite. A serene atmosphere right at the heart of a normally busy and noisy city, nearly empty streets which reduces moving around times by half and endless opportunities to rediscover your home. It’s also quite productive in terms of development, as a no-obligations period helps you work on your skills at a slower pace (works remarkably for me and I plan to take advantage of it!)
I haven’t left Athens in August since my early twenties exactly for those reasons and have never regretted it.

I might be on holiday, but I’m still me (very difficult to escape yourself!), so I have a rough plan on how to spend those seven days. Nothing too restrictive, just a couple of things I want to get done before going back to work, like finally organising my endless array of pictures, working properly on this blog, exploring new tools and brushing up on skills. Well, maybe more than a couple. I’ll be blogging about what I discovered ( or rediscovered) each day, so we’ll see how that goes!

There are some other perks, of course . . .

Grapes and figs straight from Dad's garden

Grapes and figs straight from Dad’s garden


4 thoughts on “My seven-day #staycation – 7 paths to explore

  1. Hi Christina!

    I can’t wait to see what posts will come out of your seven-day staycation! What a super idea. I hope you can also get some rest during that time!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Vicky!
      These seven days are just what I need, both educational and relaxing, there’s enough time for everything.
      Quiet Athens is also very helpful! I think the new school year will find me fully recharged and ready for new challenges!

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