Goal 4: Revisit an idea – #30GoalsEdu

Ideas…and a mind full of them. All sorts of things running through your head, before, while and after your teaching, possible small miracles that you need to see come forward and take their place in the whirlwind of your life.
I suppose it’s not very original to say that you can’t always put all your ideas into action, but the opportunity to revisit an idea can be absolutely innovative, given that an idea you’d had a few years back will be approached from a new angle, the point of view of someone more experienced and further educated: you.

It was about three years ago when a class I was teaching brought forward the opportunity to combine two of my favourite subjects, English learning and creativity. In a usual cartoon-style fashion, a light bulb appeared and ”Art of English” came to life (have a read here). In the following years, ”Art of English” became bigger, better and a lot more tech-driven, brought together teachers and students from different schools and made me think that I’d got something there, something that I ought to push further. At the time, though, it seemed that there just wasn’t enough time or people to work more on it. It remained, therefore, in one of the boxes in my head, under the labels  ”Creative Teaching”, ”Projects”, ”Sometime in the future”.

#ArtOfEnglish #worldwaterday #creative learning

Art of English Drawing & Painting subgroup – preparing for World Water Day Event

Reflecting upon it during the last few weeks (reflection that has thankfully led me to all the things I’ll discuss in my #Goal 5 post!) I think I’ve decided that now is a good time to revisit this idea; It seemed that ”Art of English” had closed its circle, but only when approached as an extra-curricular activity of a school. What if it were to open up to everyone interested? What if there could be an independent group of students that wished for a more creative approach to language learning?

So, there I had it. An idea that could prove worth revisiting and reorganising, firstly in my head, then in a practical, day-to-day scheduling and promoting. I decided to start with some scouting and have put together a small group of students who found the idea appealing. I’ve arranged for a friend’s garden to be available once a week for our meetings. We’re still working on the what and how, and maybe this time it will all come together quite differently, but wonderfully nonetheless.

A view of the garden in Athens where Art of English will reform

A view of the garden in Athens where Art of English will reform

As most of this project is still working away in my head, somewhat behind the scenes, I’m not sure how it will develop, but I’ll be sharing all progress in the hope that it turns out as magnificent as I imagine and want it to be!


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