Goal 1:Define your moment – #30GoalsEdu


I think I came across the 30 Goals Challenge at a very appropriate time for me and I’m really excited to have become part of it. This past year has been quite difficult (have a read at my recent post here) and I’ve been looking for ways to re-inspire myself, so the #30GoalsEdu is a real blessing! A big thank you to Shelly and the amazing community of teachers for sharing their ideas.

So, defining my moment…

Reflection is one of the keys to the future, going back a bit to see what worked and what didn’t. I spent a lot of time reflecting, sometimes by myself, sometimes with others (to whom I am eternally grateful for their insightful observations and putting up with me!) and this process has helped me reach a decision:

This is my moment to move forward.

Pack my bags with all my rights and wrongs and head towards a bright, new future, one full of inspiration.
Taking baby steps at the moment, but this journey has begun:

Step 1
I closed the door to negative people. The whole world is in a crisis, constantly moaning about it cannot change it. I try and look at the positive things instead, whenever, wherever I find them.

Step 2
I continued learning. I took up again the two language courses I’d put on hold and started a course on design media. Every day is definitely a school day!

Step 3
I rejoined the world of social media. How awesome is the ELT community? Extremely awesome.

Step 4
I’m going through options for PD and will hopefully soon start another TESOL course.

I just keep moving forward!

5 comments on “Goal 1:Define your moment – #30GoalsEdu

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  2. Vicky Loras says:

    Hi Christina!

    How great to see you taking up the 30 Goals Challenge and what an inspiring post this is! I love your positivity and your last phrase just sums it up perfectly! “I just keep moving forward!” That is what I also adopted from one point on when the going was tough. I thought, ok stop the moping, Vicky – what are you going to do from now on?

    I love how you have shut out all the negativity and focused only on the good things.


    • ChristinaC says:

      Hey hey!

      The 30 Goals Challenge is an absolutely amazing initiative and it has surely come at the right time. Keeping positive isn’t very easy, I can’t deny that, but we have to focus on the good around us as you say. The first step is always hard, but once you take it you will never want to go back!

      Thank you so much for your support!

  3. Baby steps is what it’s all about. I think you’re quite ahead on your journey and congratulate you on all these steps you’ve made.

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