Bite-size English – Food and drink

Bite-size English looks at vocabulary and common phrases you should expect to hear at a restaurant or pub in the UK.

Ordering your meal – note that the word for a meat dish can be different to the word for the animal it comes from:

 Animal                Meat

Sheep          =           Mutton

Lamb           =           Lamb

Calf                =          Veal

Cow/Bull        =          Beef

Pig                  =         Pork/Ham/Bacon

Having a drink? – Types of beer ( these are general types, you can get many different variations, which we’ll go through in another post)

bitter = dark brown colour/bitter taste
pale ale = light colour/bitter taste
lager = light colour/smooth taste
stout = dark brown colour/bitter taste/strong

draught = served by tap ( instead of bottled beer)

Get accustomed to English units of measurement:
pint = 0,568 litres
half a pint = 0,284 litres

More Bite-Size English soon!

*resources: C.N.Grivas





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